Does Your Good-Quality Wig Need Replacing? Signs You Need a New Wig!

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Wig Longevity – Things to Consider

When maintained properly, human hair wigs will last for years. Exactly how long your wig will last depends on numerous factors, including how often you wear it, how well you maintain it, whether you wear it to bed and the sorts of activities you wear the wig during.

Read on to discover why wigs deteriorate and how you can tell if you need a new wig:

Signs You Need a New Wig

good quality wigs

Although human hair wigs are the best-quality wigs you can buy, they will still degrade over time, especially with frequent use. Here are some signs you might need to replace – or restore – your wig:

  • The colouring has dulled or the wig has lost its lustre
  • The hair is frizzy and unmanageable
  • The wig doesn’t hold its shape all day
  • The wig doesn’t feel comfortable or secure on your head

You can see these signs in the wig above, which has become clumpy and frizzy over time.

What Causes Good-Quality Wigs to Deteriorate?

Usually, it is due to lack of proper maintenance. There are also other factors that can fast-track degradation, including:

  • Lack of natural oils
  • Exposure to hard water/sun/chlorine/salt water
  • Frequent heat styling
  • Frequent bleaching/colouring

So… What can you do if your good-quality wig is looking worse for wear? Contact us! We will recommend the best course of action, whether it be restoring the wig or purchasing a new one.

Maintain the Quality of Your Wig!!

At RouRou Doll Hair Candy, we guarantee wig longevity if you properly maintain your wig (meaning you regularly wash it with low pH products, store it properly and treat it with as much love as you would your own hair!). To find out more about how to maintain your wig and keep it looking beautiful for years to come, see our wig care tips.


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