How to Choose the Right Wig for You

Buying your first wig is really exciting, but it can also feel a little daunting because there are so many different wigs to choose from! In this post, we’ll break down some considerations you need to make when choosing a wig, including deciding on wig length, style and colour. Don’t forget you can contact us if you have any questions or need personalised advice!


how to choose wig length
Please note, this image provides you with a general idea – it is not to scale.

The first thing you need to consider is how much effort you want to put into maintaining, styling and drying your wig. Long styles may look fabulous and dramatic, but they also require much more attention than shorter wigs. Also, certain face shapes look better with different hair lengths. To figure out whether you suit short or long hair best, we recommend that you ask a hairdresser, use a virtual hairdresser, or conduct this simple hair length test. Don’t forget, the main goal is to choose a length that YOU feel comfortable with.

Wig hair lengths are measured in inches (starting from the ‘scalp’). To get a general idea of the wig length you might like, take a look at the measurements in the pic above.


When choosing a wig, people usually go for something very similar to their usual style, or for something totally new and different. If you are new to wearing wigs, we recommend that you start with a somewhat familiar style, as this will ensure that you feel comfortable as you get used to wearing your new hair.

The style you choose will also depend on how often you intend to wear the wig, and which sort of occasions you will wear the wig to. If you will be wearing the wig every day, it’s likely that you want something fuss-free, subtle and ultra-realistic. You will also need to consider your day-to-day activities, how active you are, what you do for work and what your hobbies are, as these factors may influence the style you choose.

If you will be wearing the wig for special occasions only, you might want to branch out and choose something on the wild side!


choosing a wig

When deciding on your wig colour, the goal is to find a shade that complements your skin tone and brings out your natural colouring. Try to avoid choosing anything too light or too dark, as this might wash out your lovely features. Many people feel most comfortable choosing a shade that matches their natural hair colour. If you want something different, we’d recommend you go a shade lighter or warmer. You can also choose styles with highlights or lowlights, as this adds extra depth and dimension.

Need Advice?

If you are unsure about which wig length, style or colour will suit you, we recommend that you ask a local hairdresser or get in touch with our wig experts.


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