4 Tips for Wearing Your Wig in Summer

woman in summer wig

We know that you want to wear your wig all year round. Unfortunately, wearing wigs in summer can be a little uncomfortable. The great news is that you don’t need to suffer – there are lots of little things you can do that are sure to make wearing a wig in summer more bearable!

Here are 4 tips for having a fantastic summer – with your wig on!

Wash It Regularly

Keeping your wig clean is essential during the summer months, as the sweat, skin oils and sunscreen residue can build up over time and damage your wig. Not washing your wig regularly during summer can result in a dull and worn wig, and can also lead to scalp infections. In summer, we recommend that you wash the wig after every 4 or 5 days. The hotter months can dry out human hair wigs, so we recommend that you use some moisturising spray throughout the day. Also, although it may be tempting, try to avoid touching your wig throughout the day, as the oils and sweat from your skin can get stuck in the hair strands and damage the fibres.

Have a ‘Summer Wig’

We know your long wig looks amazing – but it’s not the coolest option for summer! If you have the opportunity to add a wig to your collection, something shorter and lighter coloured will be far more comfortable for warmer months – since you won’t have hot and heavy hair trailing down your back. Wigs with less volume will also be cooler and allow for more airflow. If you would like to purchase a summer wig, consider one with a pixie cut or a bob!

Change Your Hair Style

Don’t want to swap your long wig for one that will be cooler? Then it’s time to try out some new hairstyles! The aim here is to get that long hair off your neck and back, so we’re talking simple updos, plaits, buns or side braids. Try to avoid excess use of styling products during summer (like mousse, hairspray or leave in conditioners), as these will weigh your wig down and prevent ventilation.

Protect Your Wig

We know you want to sunbathe. But unfortunately, direct sunlight isn’t very good for wigs! This doesn’t mean your summer is over – all you need to do is get a hat or headscarf and wear it over the wig whenever you’re in the sunshine. This will protect the wig from harmful UV rays. You should also try to avoid exposing your wig to chlorinated pools or salt water (jeez, we’re really taking the fun out of summer, aren’t we?!), as these can damage the hair fibres. If you love swimming, why not invest in a cute swim cap?

And there you have it! If you need any more tips on wearing your wig in summer, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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