Part 1: Wearing a Wig for the First Time? Here Are 3 Mistakes to Avoid!

So. You’ve purchased a beautiful human hair wig, and now you’re ready to take it out on the town. Wearing a wig for the first time can be a strange experience, and it will take a bit of time for you to get the hang of it and figure out what works and looks best for you. To help you embark on this exciting journey, we’ve put together a little list of mistakes that people commonly make when wearing a wig for the first time. If you don’t feel like reading, you can also watch the video below, which shows you how to wear your wig!



If you have any questions about your wig, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always here to help.

#1 Not Wrapping Your Hair Properly

We’re guessing that your goal is to have a wig that looks as realistic as possible. One aspect of this is having a wig that sits tight and smooth against your head. So, when preparing your hair, you need to make sure that you style it so that it sits flat. If you don’t do this, your wig will look lumpy and people will wonder what’s under your hair. If you have short hair, we recommend that you slick it back, or tie it in a low ponytail. If you have long hair, we recommend that you braid it – avoid wearing a ponytail or bun, and these will stand out underneath your wig.

#2 Using the Wrong Hairline Glue

Many first-time wig-wearers use the wrong glue to secure their hairline. Poor quality glue is often shiny and dries white (as opposed to clear). This means that it will be really obvious on your skin! When you’re choosing your glue, look for something that is specifically made for wig hairlines, and make sure that it dries clear. When you are using the glue, don’t use too much (if you do, it can look shiny), and make sure that you allow it to dry before you use any hair products. This drying can take up to 12 minutes, depending on the glue.

#3 Using the Wrong Lace Colour

If you have a high-quality human hair wig, chances are that the wig has a lace front. The colour of this lace should mimic your scalp colour, not your skin tone. If you want your scalp to look white or cream, use transparent lace. If you want it to be light brown or order, order light brown or brown accordingly. When you purchase a RouRou Doll wig, we dye the lace to match your scalp colour exactly. This guarantees that the wig will look real.

You should also make sure to choose a wig cap (the cap that sits directly over your hair, before you put the wig on) that matches your skin colour. If you don’t, it can show underneath your wig, and this can ruin the realistic look!


Stay tuned for part 2, where we explore more mistakes that you should avoid when wearing a wig for the first time!


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