• Raw virgin hair simply refers to hair that has never been treated, coloured or curled.

  • Remy hair is also 100% natural human hair, but it has been treated, coloured or curled at some point.

  • All hairs are personally handpicked from ethical sources by me. Our sources include Europe, Asia and America.

  • That is entirely up to you! For those who don’t know, wig density refers to the fullness of your wig. I can produce a wig that is as full or as light as you wish, depending on the look you are going for.

  • All of my wigs are personally hand made, with help from two talented on-site artisans.

  • All my hairs come in a natural 1b colour or 613 blonde. Further colouring can take place at your request, but it is important to remember that your wig will not be considered raw virgin hair once processed.

  • Yes, your wig can be coloured in whatever shade you desire. I highly recommend you use a professional colourist to prevent hair damage. I have a trusted and experience colourist on site, so consult me if you want your wig coloured.

  • You certainly can style your hair with hot tools, but don’t go overboard. Just like natural hair, less styling is often better if you want to retain your lustre.

  • Your wig will last for many happy years with the proper care. I offer free maintenance on your wig for the first 12 months.

  • All wig orders will be processed within 7 days. See our process video here.

  • I offer free express shipping nationwide. All orders the come from out of state or New Zealand will be shipped express and will require a signature upon arrival.

  • Complimentary wig fitting is available for every one of my Dolls living in the Brisbane area. For my Dolls who can’t make the trip, I do offer a comprehensive fitting tutorial on the website.

  • I’m only ever a phone call or text away, and I’m always happy to chat about our services. You can contact me anytime from 8am to 8pm.

  • We strongly recommend showing love to your RouRou Doll just as you’d do for your own hair.

    More for information, download our hair care flyer.

  • For more information about RouRou Doll please download our brochure.

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