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Not only do we pride ourselves on making the best quality wigs made from real virgin hair, we are also passionate about being part of your recovery journey. This involves helping you feel good, confident and beautiful. We understand it is a very difficult process, so you can rest assured that we will remain sensitive to your needs and make the whole experience as comfortable and easy as possible.

Our medical wigs are made with the same virgin hairs we use on our non-medical wigs. They are everyday-wigs, so we construct them with a very wearable amount of hair and use tighter stitches to avoid loosening.

Why Choose Our Medical Wigs?

Here are some benefits of choosing our medical wigs:

  • Breathable mesh cap is used, keeping it light and airy for those hot days
  • Silk-based adjustable straps, for comfort on sensitive skin
  • Silicon grips, which are soft and help the wig to stick without discomfort


 medical wig silk cap            medical wig silicon grip

Our Medical wigs are also highly versatile. You can:

  • Sleep in them
  • Swim in them
  • Wash and style them with any styling appliance
  • Colour them to suit your style
  • Exercise in them

Need a Medical Wig? Contact Rougie

If you are looking for a fantastic-quality medical wig and a positive wig-purchasing experience, contact us today. We understand that buying a high-quality wig can be a financial burden (and that’s the last thing you want to deal with) – so make sure to check out our financial assistance page.


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