I grew up in a society that held challenging views about strong women.

In this environment, I often went rogue.

I went against what was expected of women and became the troublemaker in my family. This led to me spending a lot of time confined to my room. Ongoing trends and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stars and artists became my fascination. Most of the troubles I found myself in were due to pushing the boundaries of fashion and beauty trends. During this time, beautiful hairstyles became my number one interest.

I was captivated by celebrities who could change their look through different hairstyles in movies, music videos and magazines. The empowerment they must have felt, stepping into different characters with totally news hairstyles …

I wanted to experience the same glamour, so I started researching hair extensions extensively.

And so began my passion.

On the morning of a big festival, I had to pick and install a full head of weave on myself – I was grounded, and couldn’t visit a hair salon like other girls could. That didn’t stop me. I was not going to attend looking average. Good hair is confidence.

Jaws dropped when I came out of my bedroom. My father quickly jumped to the conclusion that I had snuck out to get my hair done. I proudly showed off my newfound talent and reassured him that I did it all by myself while I was confined to my room. From then on, I knew I had it in me to experiment professionally with hair extensions. I didn’t make noise about my passion in front of my very professional and career-oriented father, but instead embarked on a higher education in America. I put my love to one side while still conducting extensive research on hair extensions.

Today, I am confident with my in-depth knowledge about different hair extension origins, textures and most importantly, quality. I personally handpick each bundle of hair, employing stringent measures to ensure we create durable, good quality human hair wigs..

After this process, I can stamp my name on it.
Enjoy your RouRou Doll Hair Candy Wig.

Always Love,



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