Your RouRou Doll Hair Candy is bespoke and handmade. Our real hair wigs won’t fit anyone else quite like you.

Handmade wig construction is a labour of love, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Expertise, passion and the finest possible raw virgin hair are all important ingredients when designing real, good quality wigs. Mass-produced wigs are often shipped with defects and do not hold up to continued use. You’ll see and feel the difference the first time you wear one of our custom designs.

Your journey with RouRou Doll Hair Candy will start with a consultation, conducted either in our Brisbane studio or remotely.


Wig Making Process

Step 1

Inspection and quality control

Step 2

Test integrity of hair to ensure it behaves like real hair

Step 3

Wash, Deep Condition & air dry

Step 4

Prepping lace by measuring and cutting to required specifications

Step 5

Vent lace to create frontal

Step 6

Bleach Knots

Step 7

Tint Lace to match skin tone

Step 8

Head measurement for perfect wig fit


   How to measure

Step 9

Wig Construction

Step 10

Styling, cutting  & colouring

Step 11

Wig fitting consultation


Our Consultation Process

During your in-studio consultation we will discuss styles, colours and lengths, before you try on a range of our wigs in stock for reference.

Once you make a decision, we will perform head measurements and pick out hair with an appropriate texture for your desired style.

Before constructing your wig, we perform a wash and deep condition of the hair bundles for quality control – any samples that fall short of the required quality will be returned.


Our Construction Process

The next important step in constructing your wig is getting the hairline perfect. We work to mimic your natural hairline through sparse to thick gradient construction. We use tinted lace that matches your exact skin tone when constructing your fringe, with baby hairs around the perimeter of the lace for a natural appearance.

We then proceed to overall cutting and styling of the wig.

Handmade construction of real hair wigs requires skill and a steady hand. Our in-studio artisans and I love what we do, and it shows in the final product.
All wigs are processed and delivered locally or shipped out within seven days of the order being placed.

Real Hair Wigs from the Source of Your Choice

Our raw virgin hair batches are handpicked from ethical sources, including parts of Europe, India, Peru and Brazil. Virgin hair from each location has unique characteristics and advantages.

The hair described below usually come from the specific country in question. All hair is 100% natural, unprocessed and free from cuticle damage.


Mostly sourced from countries such as Russia, this batch is popular for real hair wigs due to its diverse range of natural colours – light blonde through to dark brown.
Women of European descent tend to love it, as it often very silky, fine and easy to match from a colour perspective.


Indian hair is regarded as the most versatile on the market, making it a popular choice.
Naturally airy, light, bouncy and extremely fine, Indian hair blends well with most ethnicities and requires very little product for effective styling.


Peruvian hair is also versatile due to its featherlight density. You’ll be able to achieve a fuller and maintainable style with Peruvian hair without it feeling too heavy.
It is a coarser product than other virgin hairs and features a low-medium lustre, making it blend very well with African American and Caucasian ethnicities.


Soft, durable and dense, Brazilian raw virgin hair is the most sought after product for real hair wigs on the market.
It blends easily with numerous hair types and textures, features a natural, luxurious shine, holds curls for longer and is less likely to frizz. The density and versatility of the product makes it popular for glamourous designs.

It is important to mention that no two bundles of raw virgin hair are the same. Hairs obviously come from different donors and different ethnic backgrounds.

RouRou Doll Hair Candy employ stringent processes when handpicking bundles to ensure that every piece we produce is of the highest possible quality.


Wig Process

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