What Is Virgin Hair?

Before we get into our virgin hair extensions, let’s start with virgin hair in general. First of all – what is it?!

Virgin hair is chemically-unprocessed hair that comes from a single human donor. Virgin hair has never been dyed, treated, straightened, curled, permed or hard washed. Basically, virgin human hair is the BEST hair for making wigs and extensions, as it is soft, durable, all-natural, versatile, premium-quality and absolutely guaranteed to look great.

At RouRou Doll Hair Candy, we use the best raw virgin hair on the market. We source our hair ethically from all over the world, and we have strict measures in place to ensure premium quality. Our hair textures include Brazilian, Cambodian, Russian, Peruvian, Burmese, Indian, Malaysian and European.

What Are the Benefits of Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair extensions come with a range of benefits. Just some of these include:

  • Realistic appearance
  • Natural, soft texture
  • Long-lifespan – with the right care, human hair extensions last much longer than synthetic extensions
  • Versatile – wear the extensions natural or style them using your favourite appliances

If you are looking for the best quality & most natural hair extensions available, our ponytails and toppers are the perfect choice.

Our Virgin Hair Extensions

Our range of virgin hair extensions includes ponytails and toppers. All pieces can be custom-coloured to match your natural hair exactly.

Our Toppers are perfect if you have sparse of thinning hair. They sit on top of your existing hair, and blend in seamless to provide a natural and voluminous appearance. Similarly, our Ponytails are perfect for creating thick, sleek, shiny and eye-catching ponytails.


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