What Exactly Is Virgin Hair?

For those who don’t know, virgin hair comes from a single donor and has never been coloured, curled or processed chemically. Virgin hair is the most sought after product for natural wigs and must be treated carefully to maintain lustre and quality.

Many wigs are created from cloned hair or Remy hair, and will fall short of your expectations in natural appearance and long-term quality. The finest raw virgin hair, combined with the expertise of our artisans, results in the most beautiful and durable wigs on the market.

Ethically Sourced Raw Hair from Across the Globe

We purchase the virgin hair used in our wigs from numerous ethical sources around the world, including Europe, Brazil, India and Peru. Our team can advise on the suitability of hair from any of these sources, all of which are popular for different reasons.

Hair from Europe comes in a diverse range of natural colours, from light blonde to dark brown. It is sleek, fine, silky and easy to match. Brazilian hair is highly popular at present due to its softness, durability and easy colour matching.

Indian virgin hair is hugely versatile – it is light, bouncy and naturally airy, requiring minimal product for styling. As for Peruvian hair, the featherlight density and beautiful lustre of hair from the South American nation makes it a popular choice.

Build Your Confidence with RouRou Doll Hair Candy

Our goal at RouRou Doll Hair Candy is to further our reputation as a high-end provider of raw virgin hair wigs and accessories. For any questions about how we can serve your needs, send us an email at info@rouroudoll.com or call Rougie on 0409 944 652.

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