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At RouRou Doll Hair Candy, we specialise in human hair wigs, ponytails and toppers that make the wearer feel absolutely fabulous. Hair is one of the best accessories we have, and we are totally serious about creating the best wigs on the planet. All of our wigs and hairpieces are custom-made in Brisbane, with strict measures in place to ensure quality. We want you to absolutely love your wig, so we create it with you in mind at every step of the design and creation process.

Real Human Hair Wigs

Many companies that claim to make ‘human hair wigs’ are actually using cloned human hair, which just doesn’t have the same quality.

Our real virgin human hair is ethically-sourced from regions all over the world, including Brazil, Cambodia, Russia, Burma, India, Malaysia and Europe.

Our wigs are sorted into collections that are inspired by beautiful women in all forms. Whether you are looking for something subtle and stylish or bright and unique, you are sure to find the perfect wig in our range.

Choose RouRou Doll Hair Candy for Your Brisbane Wig Needs!

At RouRou Doll Hair Candy, we have the best wigs that Brisbane – or any other city in Australia – has to offer. if you have any questions about our wigs, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We’re here to help you at every step of your wig-purchasing journey!

Also, if you require a wig due to medical reasons, make sure to check out our financial assistance page – you may be eligible for a subsidy!

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